Mixed Media Fiber Arts| Wet Felting Workshops| Felting Classes w/ Susan Mills

My art is inspired by nature, by the physical world and the world of spirit.

It is my way of recording my inner journey and embodies my search for a new myth, a metaphor that pierces the illusion of separation by honoring and illuminating both the visible and invisible realms.

Healing the split between our inner and outer worlds, our bodies and souls, we heal both ourselves and our planet.

We are all individuals, yet we are all connected. When one of us takes a journey, it affects us all.

I continue to explore a spiritual practice that includes shamanic journeys and meditations. I see these as “Night Travels” as they delve into the Darkness, which I see as being the Mystery where we all meet in Spirit.

My most current work represents the four worlds, Upper, Middle, Lower and Dream.

I portray the Upper World in blacks and whites, the Middle in browns and gold, the Lower in volcanic reds and greens and the Dream  in blues.

As Shaman travel to “other” realms for healing purposes and for soul retrieval, it requires tools and at times, altered states.

It may also be necessary for assistance from Allies or “Other” which is represented by the “Elementals” which at times depict the transformation of shape shifting.

I make “tools” that are for different purposes as to “Pierce the Veil”, “Draw Down Moonlight” and “Retrieve the Lost Voices”.

Vessels are to contain and keep sacred the harvest from such travels.

Evidence of ceremony and ritual can be experienced by the placement of some of the objects.

Spirit Ships, as well as Magic Carpets, are modes of travel for the Shaman as She quests with Spirit within the depths of these worlds.