One day when I was a little girl playing in the woods outside my home, I found three bird feathers and tied them onto a tree with some sticks and leaves.

I stared at my installation for a while, transfixed by its beauty and the ritual I had performed to set it apart from nature. It was like a doorway into an unseen world of deeper meaning and it turned out to be a doorway into my own future as an artist.

Today, I work in photography and mixed media. My black and white photographic work is about exploring that unseen world and the ritual that brings me to it. It is a journey of discovery.

In it I find myself, and a larger roll of bringing this knowledge to others in the hopes of healing the rift between the worlds.

What I reveal feels primal and ancient, yet it seems to need to be reinterpreted for every generation.

As I enter the second half of my life, the messages take on new meaning.

The sense of being a woman has deepened and so my work had deepened  in response.

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